ufo113 November 1967, Also Russians investigate UFOs.

A ​​commission has been set up in the Soviet Union to investigate the issue of UFOs. These UFOs are unidentified flying objects. Whether there are flying saucers is another question. A general of the Air Force, Anatoly Stolyerov, is in charge of this investigation. 

ufo130 October 1954, The flying saucer (drawing)

On the evening of the 18th October, around 8 pm, our fellow townsman Liem Tjeon Ho, who was at the time at the Rex Theater, noticed a curious phenomenon. A green dot, according to Liem, approached from the west with a huge speed and it din't make any sound. He estimated the alltitude at a 1000 meters. 

ufo123 March 1966, Dozens of Americans see UFO.

NEW YORK. 26 March - (UPI) - Dozens of Americans, including policemen, have seen unidentified flying objects (UFO) on Thursday night, in many parts of the country. In Bangor Malne, a man told me that he had fired his pistol on a glowing object.

ufo11 August 1952, A cigar shape wingless airship. (Photo)

At a quarter to three west of Montgomery, Alabama a cigar shaped wingless aircraft, was on a coalition course with a Stratocruiser of the Eastern Airlines in the clear moon night of 24 July 1948. It emitted a powerful, magnesium-like light. 

ufo122 July 1947, UFO seen in Semarang, Indonesia.

Also in Semarang there are people who regularly watch the sky to see if there are flying saucers. Last week Tuesday, an editor of the daily "Soeloeh Ra'jat" saw a shining object flying above Semarang at 10 am, also others noticed this phenomenon: the object that showed a streak of light like a falling star, but opposed to it moving horizontally, came from the side of the Java sea and disappeared in a southerly direction.

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