ufo116 July 1947, Biarritz Spanish Pyrenees UFO crash.

Residents of Biarritz (the Low Pyrenees) ensure that two "flying saucers" have been observed quite high in the sky over the ocean. Two mountaineers declare that a flying saucer has crashed on Spanish territory, an explosion and smoke was seen.

ufo111 July 1947, UFO found in garden Hollywood.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD 10. 7 (AP). A metal disk, 30 inches in diameter, is found in a bed of geraniums in the garden of Russell Long, a structural engineer, but the local authorities do not believe it is one of the notorious flying discs.

ufo119 December 1912, UFO Sliedrecht Netherlands.

On Thursday evening around half past eight a very beautiful air phenomenon was observed at Sliedrecht. One saw, as it were, a rare bright star appearing that moved at (relatively) low speed in the direction of the North-West. The phenomenon can not be compared to the so-called falling stars.

ufo17 July 1947, UFOs remote controlled.

Mysterious "flying disks", which were observed at several places in some states in the North-West of the US, elicited a statement from the director of the Northwestern University observatory. He is of the opinion that the "flying disks" can be radio controlled devices, perhaps a new invention of war.


 9 September 1949, The UFO of Jonathan Caldwell (Photo).

Perhaps this is one of the mysterious flying disks, which at the time would have been spotted all over the USA. American soldiers and policemen found this strange air vehicle, called "Gray Goose", in an abandoned shed at Marley Park in the state of Maryland, it look like a helicopter with two disks rotating one above the other rather than screws. 

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