UFO attacks people in Spain in 1792

ufo1 21 July 1792, UFO kills one man and a dog, and injures a second person.

MADRID the 28th of June. On the 20th day, there was an air phenomenon here, accompanied by the following details. About ten o'clock, in the morning, there arose here, with a North-West wind, a thunderstorm, which did not appear to be very heavy, but which, however, produced a dangerous thunderbolt. It was noted that the electrical matter had originated from the earth in order to join the Cloud.

UFOs seen in France

ufo118 July 1952, UFO seen all over France.

The last few days, "flying saucers" have been noticed by various parts of France, and last week an employee from Le Bourget airport near Paris said he had seen a "big red star" hovering over the airport. The pilot of a transport plane also discovered the star, reported his discovery to the control tower and made an extra round to observe the phenomenon up close. But as he circled around the star disappeared. On Sunday, a man near Le Bourget saw a silver white disk, with a speed four times faster than that of a jet plane, it went through the air from the Northwest to the Southwest. Thirty residents of the town of Cholet in western France also claim to have seen a "flying saucer". Woodworkers who were at work near Nancy reported that they saw a object that looked like a parachute, it disappeared behind a cloud after it had lost height. 

UFO above Denmark

ufo1 14 November 1954, UFO observed for 75 minutes.

Danes saw a flying saucer, According to an article that appeared in the Danish newspaper "Eksarabladed" on Tuesday, two residents of Jutland (Denmark) watched the movements of a flying saucer for 75 minutes on Monday evening The flying saucer shot back and forth in the air like a ball thrown against a wall. They described the flying saucer as an object that had a round shape, it had a rotating movement, changed color from green to yellow, and left a trail of fire on her disappearance.

Secrets continues to haunt the air

ufo1 20 September 1946, Mysterious objects Morocco, Portugal and Sweden.

Secrets of the air continues to haunt imagination. A mysterious burning object has been observed above Fez (Morocco). It had a red core and a long yellow tail. It came from Eastern direction and moved with great speed at a low altitude. Above Portugal soundless green light balls have been observed, moving in a southerly direction. The Swedish General Staff has now officially announced that a flying object was observed on the 14th of September above Central Sweden, accompanied by the sound of a very high flying machine.

UFO above Northern Netherlands

ufo1 23 October 1954, UFO all over Northern Nederlands.

Mysterious air phenomenon over the North. It does not end, again fiery objects are observed in the air. From various sides we received reports about such a phenomenon on Thursday afternoon, about 6.15 hours. The reports came from Warffum, Eelde, Vries Zuidlaren and from a motorists between Baflo and Breede. One message speaks of "an entirely lit cigar, spitting fire backwards. 

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