ufo113 September 1967, Four Death UFO accident.

Astonishing is the incident in which the so-called heat wave effect of a UFO played a disastrous role. Edwards: On July 1, 1954, a When the plane came close to the UFO, the engine stalled and the cockpit changed into a fiery hell. 

ufo122 July 1947, Pilot E.J. Smith shows UFO model he saw. (Photo)

captain E.J. Smith is using a plate to describe the mysterious "flying saucer", which he and his crew saw on their flight from Idaho to Oregon.

ufo18 January 1954, Dieppe France a strange explosion and UFO.

Early on Thursday morning a mysterious loud explosion woke up the inhabitants of the French coastal town of Dieppe. A few minutes before, a dazzling flash of light had been observed in the air a few dozen kilometers from the city.

ufo113 October 1954, Aliens seen by German.

(From our correspondent in Bonn) Again someone saw a flying saucer. A film operator in Munster did not only see the flying saucer in the air, but it had landed, he also saw the alien crew roaming around on the ground. 

ufo127 February 1942, The battle of LA.

STOCKHOLM, 26 Febr. (DNB) The US Secretary of War Stimson, reported the following about the Japanese air operations on the West Coast of the US to Associated Press and from Washington, that a number of unidentified aircraft were flying over Los Angles yesterday in the early morning.

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