UFO Leeuwarden Heerenveen Netherlands

ufo19 November 1981, UFO above Friesland.

LEEUWARDEN - Some Leeuwarders have seen a strange object in the air on Saturday night around six o'clock, heading in a south-westerly direction. The people from the Aldlan, who saw the object, describe it as triangular, provided with antennas. It was visible for half an hour and was always in the same place. Occasionally a tail emerged. A motorist saw this in the vicinity of Heerenveen.

UFO Nijmegen Netherlands also seen in Kent UK

ufo121 September 1926, Air phenomena nothing like falling star.

Reports from Nijmegen: According a report last Friday evening above Kent (UK) a beautiful light ball was observed, which is described by the Observatory in Greenwich as a meteor, it is important to note that above Nijmegen The same evening a few hours after 9 o'clock the same air phenomenon was observed, which moved in a radiant arc in a westerly direction. The air phenomenon had nothing in common with the so-called "shooting stars", but dragged behind it a broad luminous tail.

UFO photographed above Columbus USA

ufo119 October 1973, Ken Chamberlain photographed UFO.

Strange flying object Photographer Ken Chamberlain took this series of photographs of a strange lightening object on the night sky of Columbus, America. He is not the only one who discovered the UFO 150 reports came to the authorities.

The Mystery Of The Flying Disk

ufo19 July 1947, Mysterious flying Disks ridiculed.

About the mysterious flying disks, observed in the United States and also in Australia, Peterborough wrote in the Daily Telegraph, at the English Ministry of aviation, it is thought that the messages about flying disks are an indirect consequence are of the recently found export of large parties Scotch whiskey.

Flying Saucer Above Zeeland Netherlands

ufo123 Februari 1948, Early UFO description Netherlands.

In the town of Kapelle-Biezelinge in Zeeland there is talk about a strange phenomenon in the air that has been observed by different people there, according the (Haagse) "newspaper". Mr. A. Hoogestegen, was sitting at the table when he heard a peculiar rumble in the sky. He stepped outside with other relatives and they saw in the clear sky an object that they could best describe with a cloud.

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