Pilots report seeing UFOs

ufo17 July 1947, eyewitnesses report Flying Saucers.

A new and secret American weapon, for its shape known as" flying saucer ", is currently stirring the United States, according to UP report from New York, Eyewitnesses, watched this strange plane fly high, reported that it was a silver-colored disc-shaped object that flew soundlessly and with great speed.

UFO forces aircraft into an emergency landing

ufo113 November 1979, pilots see UFOs.

A Caravelle [type plane] of the Spanish airline Aviaco interrupted last night his flight from Ibiza to Alicante because the aircraft was hindered by an unknown flying object (UFO). According to second pilot Zonso, the plane was overtaken at Valencia by two red lights, in which no fixed forms could be distinguished. 

Spanish UFO was hoax (Despite radar conformation)

ufo114 November 1979, pilots disagree and stand firm.

From one of our reporters VALENCIA, Wednesday The passengers of the Spanish charter who made an emergency landing in Valencia on Sunday evening after a chase by a swarm of "flying saucers", have stated that the story is an excuse. According to them, the plane, a Caravelle from the TAE company, was in an extremely bad condition.

Four Dead UFO incident

ufo113 September 1967, UFO used heat wave weapon.

Astonishing is the incident in which the so-called heat wave effect of a UFO played a disastrous role. Edwards: On July 1, 1954, a plane came close to the UFO, the engine stalled and the cockpit changed into a fiery hell. The two pilots managed to save themselves with the aid of their ejection seats, but the jet fighter threw down on two houses and killed four people.

Wallonia [Belgium] in turmoil Hunting for UFOs

ufo117 April 1990, Walloon [Belgium] in turmoil Hunting for UFOs.

Hunting for UFOs does not result in anything from our correspondent in LIEGE - The hunt for UFOs, which has erupted in recent weeks in Belgium, peaked in the Easter weekend. The headquarters of Sobeps, the Belgian Society for the Observation of Space phenomena, was overwhelmed with phone calls from people from Wallonia in Brabant who had seen a mysterious, luminous triangular rig in the air.

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