krant 120 October 1951, Russian spaceship for flight to the moon.

According to an article in the Russian magazine "Red Fleet", the Soviet Union is busy designing a spaceship for a flight to the moon: a rocket of 1000 tons with a length of 60 meters, a cross-section 15 meters and equipped with 20 jet engines that could develop 350 million horsepower.

krant 11960-09-08 Call via the moon.

Between two American engineers, one in New Jersey and the other in California, a short telephone call was made that did not pass over land cables, but by radio link via the moon. Engineer William C. Jakes established a connection from his labaratory in Holmdel New Jersey, with engineer Walter K. Victor, who works at the rocket arsenal in Goldstone in California.

krant 126 July 1976, letters B&G discovered by NASA on Mars rock.

Pasadena (Reuters, AP) The mysterious symbols that were filmed on the Mars surface and sent back to Earth on Saturday by the viking robot are most likely shadow effects on the rocks. This was stated by mission control center in Pasadena.

newspaper 11952-02-24, Cosmic radiation.

It all needs to be considered with the previous special phenomenon, the weightlessness, other problems also require attention. Think of the mysterious "cosmic radiation", far away in the empty space not filled up by the air blanket, and all sorts of other possibly dangerous radiations, which threaten the human being there. 

newspaper 11665-01-27, Comet Seville Spain.

Seville on the 23rd of December. For three days a Comet is seen between 2 to 3 o'clock in the night, it is a completely common star, has two tails, takes its course as the sun from the east after the west.

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