newspaper 11665-02-23, Comet Portsmouth England.

Portsmouth writes that a Comet Star was seen, coming from the South East, and going to the East, being as big as a man's head, the object will undoubtedly give some Matter of Speculation under the astronomers.

newspaper 11677-05-13, Comet Strasbourg and Basel.

In the morning about 3 o'clock a comet appeared shortly in the North-East near the horizon with the tail upwards, which appears an el* long. This Comet has been seen in Strasbourg and Basel for 14 days at an predicted time and place lasting until the sunrise. *(old length)

newspaper 11949-03-30, Moon projectiles Wernher von Braun.

Finally we are at the point that we will see or hear what Jules Verne wrote long ago as a kind of fairy tale. In two places at the same time tomorrow, Thursday, projectiles will be shot to the moon. One from the great Australian desert, while the other from Arizona.

newspaper 11951-09-09, Britten willen ruimtereizen.

An authority from the British Association for Interplanetary Travels told on Sunday in London. That hundreds of people in England and other countries have reserved a place on the first spaceship that will make a voyage to the moon, something that according to the congress, held last week, for space travel is possible within 25 Years.

newspaper 11959-04-04, space mirrors can illuminate entire cities.

VIENNA (Reuter) Professor Hermann Oberth, the father of the V-2 rocket which was used by the Germans to bombarded England towards the end of the Second World War, told at a lecture in Vienna. scholars will be able to produce space mirrors by 1979. 

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