The film "Destination Moon" 1950 special interest army.

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Why was the navy interested in a SF movie.

In 1950 the film "Destination Moon" was released. The film showed how man would travel to the moon and back. What is interesting is that the makers of this film were 100% convinced that this would be reality soon and they brag about it during interviews. The artist Bonestell who created the moon for this film, worked also together with Wernher Von Braun who helped to fake the Apollo moon landings.

The image below shows a crater from the film Destination Moon, released in 1950. Roll your mouse over the image for a real image of the tycho crater on the moon. If they could fake it in 1950 why do you think they couldn't in 1969! Why was the US Navy present during the making of a science fiction film in the late forties? dm crater compressedDuring the making of the film a camera crew filmed some behind the scenes footage with the director and other people involved in the production. At one point a Navy Lieutenant joins the group and is introduced as "another Navy guest", indicating that there were more Navy people present during the production. According to the Lieutenant the Navy was interested to see if these people involved in the film were "mad scientists", but goes on to say on camera that he believes this is "not the case at all" and seems quite impressed with what he has seen. When you listen to the 22 minute long rare recording from behind the scenes of destination moon you will see the complete Apollo story being told. For example, the decompression of the lunar module and other details such as dumping extra weight on the moon before lift off, the Apollo astronauts had to leave their life support packs and cameras on the moon. We cannot think for you but why would the Navy be interested in a 1950 science fiction film?


At  44:33 you wil see the short interview with the navy officer.

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