moon hoax 1The Impossible Apollo 11 Hasselblad Camera Shots.

Our previous article "The Apollo 11 Landing Point Designator" explains how the LPD must have been in the view field of the hasselblad camera even though it does not show up in the Hasselblad photographs. Further more we learn that it is possible to calculate the position of the camera when the piture was taken. We will now show that the Apollo 11 photographs from the lunar surface are made in a studio environment and not on the moon.

moon hoax 1Life on the moon.

In 1959 professor Tikhof tells that the Luna 3 will check if there is life on the moon, especially at the Plato crater. If you believe NASA, then our moon is a dead rock floating in space. In 2009 NASA had to admit that water was discovered on the moon, just under it surface and if there is water there could be life. 

moon hoax 1Apollo 11 the Landing Point Designator (LPD).

In 2012 we looked at some Apollo 11 film footage and noticed something that we did not see in the Hasselblad still images. In the 16mm film footage you can see the Landing Point Designator (LPD) on the window of the Lunar Module. The LPD is a set of scribe marks on the inside and outside windows. The Commander looks through the LPD and the angle tells him where to look along the vertical scale to find the place where the computer thinks they are going to land.

moon hoax 1The fake Dutch moon rock and the Queen.

In 2009 the news broke in the Netherlands that a fake moon rock was given to the former Prime Minister Willem Drees. During the goodwill tour in 1969 Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin visited the Netherlands. J. William Middendorf, the American ambassador to the Netherlands, handed a rock to former Prime Minister Drees.

moon hoax 1The Earth seen from the moon.

The following official NASA photograph 65-H-161 was released on Feb. 15, 1965. The information on the backside reads: "This is a model of a small region of the lunar surface based on the area covered in the final p-camera picture transmitted by Ranger VII. This model was made by a photo-metric scaling process, a technique developed by Dr E.H. Shoemaker, USGS, Astro-Geology Branch, Flagstaff, Arizona.

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