moon hoax 1The fake Dutch moon rock and the Queen.

In 2009 the news broke in the Netherlands that a fake moon rock was given to the former Prime Minister Willem Drees. During the goodwill tour in 1969 Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin visited the Netherlands. J. William Middendorf, the American ambassador to the Netherlands, handed a rock to former Prime Minister Drees.

moon hoax 15000 reasons why the moon landings were a hoax.

The Apollo man of steel exposed by Sir Bernard Lovell in a Oxford University Press publication from 1962. Over the years people all over the world have stopped believing in the Apollo moon landings. In this article we will give you 5000 reasons why the official Apollo moon landing story is a hoax and why the radiation in the Van Allen belts are deadly to humans. Information about the inner and outer van Allen radiation belts from the early sixties reveals the truth.

moon hoax 1The Impossible Apollo 11 Hasselblad Camera Shots.

Our previous article "The Apollo 11 Landing Point Designator" explains how the LPD must have been in the view field of the hasselblad camera even though it does not show up in the Hasselblad photographs. Further more we learn that it is possible to calculate the position of the camera when the piture was taken. We will now show that the Apollo 11 photographs from the lunar surface are made in a studio environment and not on the moon.

moon hoax 1Apollo 10 the near crash on the moon.

In 1969 Apollo 10 did a lunar landing test and something went wrong. Today there are several different versions of what exactly happened. On the Discovery Channel series "Rocket Science" Apollo 10 astronaut Cernan told how he saw the horizon come by 8 times in 15 seconds. However, in the sixties the story was told completely differently.

moon hoax 1The fake Dutch moon rock and the Prince.

On 9 October 1969 the Apollo 11 astronauts visited the Netherlands during the goodwill tour. As reported before and as you can read in newspapers all around the world a fake moon rock was given to the former Prime Minister Willem Drees. In the article "The Queen and the fake moon rock" we showed that the fake moon rock was given to the Queen of the Netherlands at the royal palace by the Apollo 11 crew. Let us introduce a second fake moon rock that was given to Prince Bernhard who received it as a souvenir in 1969 or early 1970.

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