moon hoax 1Interview with Albino Galuppini the writer of the biography of Bill Kaysing.

"La Penna Diu Veloce Del West". An AwE130 interview with Albino Galuppini, writer of the biography of Bill Kaysing. The adventures and life of bill kaysing are written down in the book "La Penna Diu Veloce Del West" what translates as "The Fastest Pen Of The West". The one hour interview is just the beginning of an adventure that has never ended. A life full of action and adventure and of course the fake Apollo moon landings. Order your English copy today  CLICK HERE .

moon hoax 1Life on the moon.

In 1959 professor Tikhof tells that the Luna 3 will check if there is life on the moon, especially at the Plato crater. If you believe NASA, then our moon is a dead rock floating in space. In 2009 NASA had to admit that water was discovered on the moon, just under it surface and if there is water there could be life. 

moon hoax 1The film "Destination Moon" 1950 special interest army.

In 1950 the film "Destination Moon" was released. The film showed how man would travel to the moon and back. What is interesting is that the makers of this film were 100% convinced that this would be reality soon and they brag about it during interviews. The artist Bonestell who created the moon for this film, worked also together with Wernher Von Braun who helped to fake the Apollo moon landings.

moon hoax 1The Impossible Apollo 11 Hasselblad Camera Shots.

Our previous article "The Apollo 11 Landing Point Designator" explains how the LPD must have been in the view field of the hasselblad camera even though it does not show up in the Hasselblad photographs. Further more we learn that it is possible to calculate the position of the camera when the piture was taken. We will now show that the Apollo 11 photographs from the lunar surface are made in a studio environment and not on the moon.

moon hoax 1Apollo 11 desert tortoise on images, is it a tortoise or a rock?

Many people think that the Apollo mission photos are made on Earth. The following four official Apollo 11 mission images show something that looks like a desert tortoise on the moon. In the end you are the judge in a journey towards the truth for all mankind. The four images we will show you are from the Apollo 11 mission (AS11-40-5954 to 5957) and are on display at the Lunar Planetary Institute (LPI) website.

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