Mermaid, Dutch Chinese conflict 1661-62 (Taiwan)

strange (1)23 April 1938, Mermaid seen as bad sign for the Dutch.

The story is not done. Three ships were anchored at the Baxamboy reed, and these ships were at night as if in full flames and seemed to be in battle. Nothing was heard, however, the crew of these ships also saw the same thing happening to the fort Zeelandia. This all vanished again at sunrise. On the 29th of April a figure was seen of a man who rose above the water three times and then disappeared again, and at noon, at the fort Hollandia a mermaid, with long yellow hair, showed herself ... Meu does not tell if this lady was with the man who they had seen in the morning or if she was avoiding him. But one thing is certain, all these strange things do not predict much good.

Where are the NAZI leaders

strange (1)1 May 1945, They have escaped.

No official messages have yet been published about Hitler. One message reports that he is dying and the other is that he is dead. Later it was said again, that Hitler is not in Berlin at all, because he is not seen by anyone there for weeks. Georing, Ley, Funk, Von Ribbenrtorp and also Goebbels have disappeared without any trace. There have also been reports that various high party officials have committed suicide.

Dutch reached the North Pole

strange (1)23 August 1865, Two degrees beyond the North pole.

The British have also been ahead of us on Nova Zembla, as I have heard from the Revue des Deux Mondes, it were the Dutch, our ancestors are the ones who were first to the North Pole, and went even two degrees further. Some of my readers, if not all, will certainly surprise by this communication as much as it has done to me. The Times said it in his issue of 30 March 1865.

Hot oasis at South Pole is nothing new

strange (1)11 February 1965, Mosses and various bird species.

Hot oasis at the South Pole is nothing new. The so-called discovery of a "hot oasis" at the South Pole by the Soviet Russian expedition is nothing new, according to the Australian researcher Prof. Griffith Taylor. Prof Taylor was part of the South Pole expedition of Scott in 1910. This expedition discovered freshwater lakes, mosses and various bird species and high temperature was nothing unusual, also later expeditions had these experiences.

Hot South Pole oasis discovered by Russians

strange (1)10 February 1968, Sunbathing on Antarctica.

Russian pole researchers have discovered a small lake at the South Pole where swimming and sunbathing are possible, says the TASS news agency. The Schirmacher oasis, as the resort is called, lies in an ice-free gap. The water of the lake had a temperature of 15 degrees in December and it is even higher in January, according to Tass.

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