The tools used by the pyramid builders
strange (1)26 April 1894, Evidence you can see in the British Museum.

Although the awesome stone carving of ancient Egyptians has been preserved to this day, all mention of the tools they used to process the hard material has been lost. However, Mr. W.M. Flinders Petrie, a diligent navy man, has succeeded in demonstrating, from half-finished and unsuccessful objects, that the Egyptians have worked the stones with both straight and circular diamond saws, as well as with solid, pipe-shaped diamond drills.

Russians discover 'warm' oasis near the South Pole

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9 February 1956, Primitive plant life, and small black bird.

Russians in 'warm' oasis near the South Pole. Scholars from the Russian South Pole expedition have visited an 'oasis' at the South Pole, where the temperature rises to 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25C) in the middle of the day and where there is some primitive plant life. Radio Moscow broadcasted the following news.

The mermaid of Exeter England

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26 November 1737, Mermaid caught in England.

Written from Exeter (England) some fisherman have caught a sea monster, looking very much like a human, except that it had a Tail like that of a Salmon, when it wanted to escape, they used sticks and killed it, when it was dying it made a sound like a human. It is now on display in the reported City, and provided a new proof of the opinion that there are female Mermaids and male Mermaids.

The French want to mine gold from the oceans

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30 July 1973, Strictly secret inventions.

With the help of a number of a strictly secret inventions, a French company in formation wants to equip three ships to extract gold, diamonds and silver from the sea. The first ship, a former freight carrier, is currently being prepared in the port of Le Havre for the extraction of the ever so much sought after minerals.

South Pole base of the future

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 March 1947, South pole expedition of Capt. Byrd.

The American South Pole expedition of Byrd has, according to A. P. achieved the following results: 1. The basis has been laid for American territorial claims. 2. A vast plateau of 4000 meters high has been discovered . 3. An oasis with multicolored warm lakes was found, suitable as a base for seaplanes. 13 ships, 12 planes and 4000 men took part in the expedition.

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