strange (1)6 June 1887, Work Aristoteles discovered.

From Vienna it is reported to the Times that a Greek scholar, Petros Papageorgin, at Philippopolis, discovered an ancient manuscript with some fragments of Aristotle's works. The manuscript probably dates from the fourteenth century and is 180 pages long.

strange (1)25 July 1908, Tunguska Lights.

"The Light-Night". Under this title, the Hbl. an explanation of the so much discussed strange air phenomenon in the last nights of June. The director of the Meteorological Institute in De Bildt considered the light produced by Jessesche night clouds to be very high (up to 83 KM) of floating clouds that may be made of volcanic matter. 

strange (1)3 July 1908, Tunguska comet seen before impact.

One of our readers wrote to us: Yesterday evening on the West side of Leeuwarden standing on the Marsumer road, looking at the Northern sky, which at that time was bright and purple colored. I saw a beautiful sky phenomenon, namely a fiery ball with tail, it moved fairly fast from West to East.

strange (1)1 July 1908, Tunguska explosion Siberia observation.

After sunset, it was very clear to see a light phenomenon at the IJ last night, it was a beautiful sight. Several subscribers phoned us that they were simply delighted by this wonderful natural scene. It was also truly amazingly clean.

strange (1)3 July 1908, Tunguska explosion Siberia observation.

The remarkable atmospheric phenomenon, which illuminated the last two evenings on the northern horizon with a brilliant play of colors, has set many pens in motion. Our correspondent now writes us from Groningen.

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