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Leading UK scientist criticizes the Apollo 8

apollo8 news articles21 December 1968, Apollo 8 journey is utterly absurd Sir Bernard Lovell.

LONDON, Nov. (AFP) - The director of the British radio observatory in Jodrell Bank, Sir Bernard Lovell, sharply condemned the planned journey to the moon of three spacemen with the Apollo-8 and called it "utterly absurd." In an interview with the London newspaper "Evening News" he stated that "there is a great chance that the three astronauts never return to earth, or when they do, find the dead.

Polish scientist criticize Apollo 8 flight

apollo8 news articles21 December 1968, Polish scholars warn, Apollo 8 astronauts are at risk.

WARSAW - Two Polish scholars have expressed their opinion that, for non-scientific reasons, America is going to undertake its flight around the moon too early, so that the three astronauts are at risk. 

The criticism comes from Prof. Piotrowski, head of the space research committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Prof. dr. Paczkowski, the chairman of the space commission.

Leading scientist from the UK criticizes Apollo 8

apollo8 news articlesDecember 1968, Sir Bernard Lovell. Foolish to send Apollo 8 to the Moon.

Sir Bernard Lovell Foolish to send Apollo 8 to the Moon. Astronauts put at irresponsible risk (from our correspondent) London - Sir Bernard Lovell, the director of the English radio telescope at Jordell Bank, a great authority on the subject of space exploration, has in an interview declared that the plan of the Americans to send three astronauts into orbit around the moon over Christmas to collect more scientific information is "completely foolish".

Strange observation by Apollo 8

apollo8 news articles23 December 1968, Astronaut see blue halo around the moon scientists are baffled.

During last night's TV broadcast, William Anders demonstrated the weightlessness in the cabin by "spinning" a toothbrush in the Apollo. Astronaut James Lovell shouted „Congratulations mother" a congratulations to Ms. Blanche Lovell, who celebrated her 73rd birthday in Edgewater Florida.

Major warning by leading Russian scientist

apollo8 news articles23 December 1968, Russian scholar Georgij Petrow high radiation warning.

Russian scholar Georgij Petrow congratulated the crew of the Apollo-8 today, in an article in the party magazine Pravda. Petrow, who is the head of the space research institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, says that the flight takes place in a period of high solar activity. The Apollo 8 crew can therefore be exposed to high leveles of radiation. President Johnson congratulated the three American astronauts on the "brilliant beginning" of their journey and told he was confident about the result of their mission

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