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The missing photo magazine 80 of Apollo 14

moon hoax 1Mega discovery NASA and ALSJ look the other way.

17 March 2015: This photo magazine has never been uploaded to the internet by NASA or the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (ALSJ). We are the first and only website to have uploaded all 207 photographs of Apollo 14 magazine 80. The source for the images is NASA. More than 47 years and still these images were missing from the public Apollo historical archive online.

AwE130 has used a low resolution scan to keep the images small. This is a mega discovery and we are proud to present, as first website in the world, the missing images of Apollo 14 magazine 80. The Arizona State University, Apollo Image Archive, has these following images on display. In 2018 they upgraded the qualaty of their images but it is still of a very poor qualaty.


NASA/ALSJ ignore discovery

A few months after we uploaded magazine 80 the ALSJ reacted and is now linking to the "Arizona State University" images and tells it visitors that the only online source for Magazine 80 images is currently the Arizona State University website. Note that the images 10442 to 10445 are not present in the release. The day we uploaded the images to our website we informed NASA and the Apollo historical archive (ALSJ), we have not received any reaction from them. To AwE130 it seems strange as neither of them have the Apollo 14 magazine 80 images on display. View the images of Apollo 14 Magazine 80 below. [Also labbeled Magazine W in NASA documentation]

Credit for all images to NASA.

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