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Apollo 10 on the backside of the moon

moon hoax 1Mega blunder by Cernan on the backside of the moon.

Communication between Stafford and Cernan on the back side of the moon. The following Apollo 10 video clip shows Gene Cernan and Tom Stafford in the Lunar Module Snoopy, according to the NASA information they were on the back side of the moon. The on board audio recorder (Like a voice black-box in an airplane) captured every piece of dialogue between the astronauts. 

The video from Apollo 10 shows the communication between Stafford and Cernan from the back side of the moon. When the Lunar Module was on the back side of the moon, communication with Houston was impossible. Video credits to NASA and youtube user "Stephen Slater" for putting the audio under the video. 


The video and audio match with the Apollo 10 transcript NASA has released. At 42 seconds into the video Cernan said:

"Must be coming over the landing site again. Oh, hell. We're on the back side."

How could Cernan think he was on the near side of the moon without communication with Houston? On the far side of the moon you must do all kind of procedures without being able to communicate with Houston (according to NASA). The moment they come around the moon and are able to contact Houston again they needed to verify all kinds of information. They were in a studio or maybe low earth orbit but for sure not on the far side of the moon. This was a big mistake from Cernan and a big indication that Apollo 10 faked the lunar orbit. In the end you are the judge in a journey towards the truth, for all mankind.

Transcript Apollo 10.

04 07 59 47 LMP Must be coming over the landing site again. Oh, hell. We're on the back side.

04 07 59 52 CDR Back side.

04 08 00 05 LMP There. Take some this way.

04 08 00 07 CDR Yes. [This audio part is not present in the video.]

04 08 00 16 LMP Get it as far away over there as you can, and that'll do it. Hello there, from the men in the moon.

04 08 00 22 CDR (Laughter)

04 08 00 26 LMP You can't really bounce around when you're tied down like this.

04 08 00 29 CDR No.

04 08 00 30 CMP Man ...

04 08 00 32 LMP Well, why don't you - why don't you - I flashed up in here, why don't you try and flash back in there. The rest of it, take it outside. Okay? Oh

04 08 00 43 CDR Okay.

04 08 00 46 LMP I'll Just take the rest of it outside.

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